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Let us represent your interests if you have received a traffic citation.

Driving is such a commonplace part of everyday life that it is easy to become lax and go above the speed limit or accidently run a stop sign. Although most traffic mistakes are harmless actions, receiving a ticket for disobeying a traffic law can have unforeseen and negative consequences. For example, conviction for a traffic-related offense can result in elevated insurance premiums, points on your license, or even the loss of your legal right to drive.

Traffic Law in Charlotte, North Carolina

Before you decide to accept the consequences of a traffic citation, seek adequate legal representation from our experienced attorneys at Johnson Lewis Law Firm, PLLC. We have helped many in Charlotte, North Carolina, including those in Mecklenburg and Cabarrus Counties, fight the consequences of a traffic offense and mitigate, reduce, or even eliminate the associated consequences.

Every traffic law case we work on begins with a full review of what occurred. We will carefully review the citation you received, looking closely for any reporting errors, and listen to your perspective about what happened in the moments leading up to receiving the ticket. To gather evidence supporting your case, we will also analyze the surrounding area where the ticket was issued and determine if there were any outstanding conditions that could impact your case when you go to court.

Our firm is committed to helping you achieve the best outcome possible when you bring a traffic law case to us. If you’d like us to review your case, contact us at Johnson Lewis Law Firm today to set up your initial consultation.